The next version of ImageGlass is v8.0, and one of the most exciting features is Exif tool. This new tool helps you view Exif metadata of the viewing image, copy selected value, and export all data to text file. Currently, Exif tool is now available for testing in ImageGlass Moon.

The new Exif tool in ImageGlass 7.7

Exif tool of ImageGlass is actually an external application,, developed by Phil Harvey. To use it, you need ImageGlass 7.7, or the latest build of ImageGlass Moon. Even though the Exif tool by Phil Harvey supports reading, writing and editing meta information, but ImageGlass 7.7 only supports reading at…

As the early announcement on my Patreon page, I have started a new ImageGlass app which called ImageGlass Preview. Since then, I have received lots of questions about the difference between 2 apps, and the future of ImageGlass. To clarify the concerns (which I didn’t have time to do it), I will explain the roadmap of ImageGlass in this blogpost.


ImageGlass and ImageGlass Preview are two different apps.

Don’t let the naming confuses you, they are actually two different apps for different purposes, different users, and not to replace each other.

  • ImageGlass is a lightweight, versatile image viewer, written in C# WinForms using .NET Framework, supports Windows 7…

Corda Automation Testing with Nightwatch.js and CircleCI

I was researching a way how to test our new supported blockchain protocol — Corda on Chainstack platform. Also, this is my first-ever blockchain blogpost. I will share how I carried out end-to-end continuous Corda integration with Nightwatch.js and CircleCI.

🍄 Originally published on January 7, 2020 at

The code in Corda is written using Kotlin, a programming language from JetBrains, and Nightwatch.js is a Node.js powered end-to-end testing framework. My challenges are to connect to a node, initiate a flow, and have it signed by relevant parties using JavaScript.

I have a few ideas to do this:

  • Run…

ImageGlass 7.5 comes with the new Settings engine which provides lots of new features and improvements for both end-users and admins. If you are not familiar with ImageGlass configurations, you can see at the official documentation site. I am going to share you more details and how you can speed up your daily tasks with it.

Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

Config files

As you know, there are 3 different config files, which are loaded in the order:

  • igconfig.default.xml, located in Startup dir, specifies the defaults which are used if no other settings are available at first start.
  • igconfig.xml, located in Config dir, contains all user settings…

Yay! I have been working on supporting multi-page image formats in the past few months, including TIFF, GIF, ICO, WEBP,… and finally there were some results!

If you are following this topic, you may see my updates recently. For those who are not, this article talks about the development version of ImageGlass (called ImageGlass Moon), so if you are using stable version v7.0.7.26, you cannot experiment it.

By the way, I have got my Github Sponsor profile:

Become a sponsor on Github Sponsors

You can become a sponsor with only $1/month. It will be a great encouragement to me that I can spend more time…

A frequently requested feature for ImageGlass has been the ability to “follow the sort order of the Explorer window”. This is a feature folks are familiar with in Windows Photos. The ImageGlass team is happy to announce the ImageGlass 7.0 release has made progress with this feature request!

Windows File Explorer

How it works

The Settings dialog has been enhanced with new capabilities under Image loading order group:

A guy asked me a question that he had an internal web-based document scanning application and he wanted to view the scanned photos by ImageGlass on his web app. This was a challenging request and I almost wanted to reply him that it’s impossible! However, in a few seconds, I suddenly thought of Skype, this app somehow allows user to open chat window when they click on the username hyperlink. Another example is when using mailto: in href of hyperlink, it will trigger the default email app with the pre-filled email address. …

I have been receiving many requests about supporting viewing multi-page for those image format like TIF, ICO,… but it’s tough to implement due to structure of the core library.

Besides Magick.NET, ImageGlass uses variety of third-party libraries to load particular image formats, such as IconLib for icon file, WIC for RAW formats… This helps the app to be able support more file extensions, but also makes the core library messy and fragmented.

ImageGlass Core library

After a month, I have completed the first stage of renovation, and introduced the new core library called ImageGlass.Heart

Let’s go through some features of ImageGlass that speed up your daily design work.

Set up mouse wheel actions

By default, scrolling mouse wheel does zooming in/out the viewing image in ImageGlass. Other editing applications (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator,…) have awesome combinations of mouse wheel and keyboard that helps people to scroll the image horizontally/vertically.

Since version 5.0, ImageGlass has supported this feature and made it easily configurable in Settings dialog. There totally are 4 combinations, and 5 options for each of them.

Change mouse wheel actions settings in ImageGlass 6.0

Color picker tool

This is an useful tool for designer as well as UI developer. From a mockup image file, you can quickly get the color…

I have been promising myself I would start a blog to share some things about ImageGlass, my work and my life. It’s finally here.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It’s a busy life in 2019, my ImageGlass development progress has been temporarily postponed since I started a new position of frontend developer for Chainstack.

Everything seems go well at this time, so I will soon resume my work for ImageGlass. Thanks for all of the feedbacks I received via email, forum and github page.

Phap Duong

Author of ImageGlass and Frontend developer of Chainstack. I love JavaScript and C#; recently exploring blockchain world.

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